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Crich Junior School

'Our happy, caring community school'


Dear children,


We can not wait to welcome you back to our school! We are so excited to see you!


I have had to sellotape the teachers and teaching assistants to chairs to stop them from bouncing about with excitement!


School is very much as you remember it, but there are some small changes that we have had to make to help keep everybody safe. I have asked the teachers to make some videos to show you what your classrooms look like so that you can see that things look very familiar. You can see the videos below.


I have also attempted to show you what it looks like outside, but I got drenched by the rain, so that video is a little hurried!


Have a great evening and a good night's sleep! 


We will see you in the morning... I can't wait :)


Mr Mallon

Coming into our school

Watch the video to see what coming into school will be like

Mr Orridge's Class

Have a look at what it will be like inside Mr Orridge's class.

Mrs Kemp's class

Have a look at what it will be like coming into Mrs Kemp's class.

Mrs Crellin's & Mrs Packard's class.

Have a look at what it is like in Mrs Crellin's and Mrs Packard's class.