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Crich Junior School

'Our happy, caring community school'

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Working from home packs

If your child is off school, please use the following links to access school work.  


These home learning packs are available free of charge for the relevant year group from the educational website Twinkl. With all of the uncertainty surrounding school closures and fluctuating attendances, the best way to offer work for the children is to access these packs which cover key learning objectives for the relevant year groups.


Year 3 work pack


Year 3 interactive links pack


Year 4 work pack


Year 4 interactive links pack


Year 5 work pack


Year 5 interactive links pack


Year 6 work pack


Year 6 interactive links pack



If the children would like a challenge, they can try the year group above. If their year group work is too challenging, try the year group below.